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January 1st, 2012

Stone Mountain Counseling, PC uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, especially biofeedback and neurofeedback, along with psychotherapy and counseling, to help people achieve a calm and centered state along with a sense of well-being and optimal performance. (See pages: About us, and the LENS and Other Treatments).The bar at the top of our homepage contains some of the problem areas for which the LENS has been helpful.The bar at the left gives answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tells you about our Center, the LENS and the various other treatment modalities we use; and gives you access to resources, articles and books. You can also find how to contact us.


EVENT ~ Stephen and Robin are plenary speakers at upcoming Friends conference

March 28th, 2014
Stephen and Robin Larsen are plenary speakers at upcoming Friends Conference on Religion & Psychology
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Friends Conference on Religion + Psychology The Journey of Healing: From Jung to Neurofeedback with Plenary Speakers ROBIN AND STEPHEN LARSEN May 23-26, 2014 Lebanon Valley College Annville, Pennsylvania

TRAINING ~ 2nd Neuro-Gen HPN System Training April 11-13, 2014

February 10th, 2014

Neuro-Gen HPN System Training
April 11th -13th, 2014
Nutmeg Inn, Meredith NH.

Stone Mountain Counseling and the Mind-Brain Training Institute are proud to announce a second training in the new Neuro-Gen HPN system with innovator and engineer, Corey Snook.

Neuro-Gen HPN Training at the Nutmeg Inn, Meredith NH

Prepare for an intimate and intensive training experience of the new HPN, High Performance Neurofeedback System developed by Corey Snook at an upscale New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast: The Nutmeg Inn. The Inn will be allocating a block of rooms for participants – visualize brain science, healing conversations and learning in front of a crackling fireplace or over a gourmet breakfast.

Workshop fee: $750 for 3 days, $500 for days 2 and 3.

Rooms have been prearranged at special discounted rates of $129-139 for our group (with breakfast, of course). Sharing a room with someone halves your price, and we have arranged for a couple of triples (even cheaper) Call Nutmeg Inn directly at 603-677-7245 for room reservations or order through

Call Heather Duke at Stone Mountain 845-658-8083, or Corey Snook at 603-279-1330 to book for the workshop. If you buy a system, the workshop is included.

Please let us know your plans early, if possible, to avoid space issues. We look forward to seeing you there.

Find out more about this Training in the Neuro-Gen HPN System

[Download the pdf]


OPEN HOUSE ~ Saturday – May 17th, 2014 ~ 2 – 6 pm

February 8th, 2014

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

With an Emphasis on Sexual PTSD

Dr. Prof. K. Elan Jung
Dr. Prof. K. Elan Jung
Dr. Prof. K. Elan Jung and Claudia Forest, LCSW, will join Dr. Stephen Larsen, in discussing the anatomy and physiology of the stress response, first to understand, and then how to help ameliorate the stress response, using proven and evidence-based techniques.  Dr. Jung is the author of Sexual Trauma: A Challenge, Not Insanity, published by the Hudson Press (2011).  Dr. Jung is also Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, and Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.



Claudia Forest, a licensed social worker in practice in New Paltz, is also a Certified Level II TRE Practitioner
Claudia Forest

Claudia Forest will lead an experiential session utilizing the Tension/Trauma Release Exercise (TRE®) process. Claudia’s background is in mind-body disciplines, with a B.A. in Holistic Health, and an M.A. in Dance and Movement. She was a massage therapist for 10 years before opening The Forest Studio where she teaches yoga and Pilates. In addition to being a licensed social worker, Claudia is a Level II TRE® Practitioner with a private practice in New Paltz.  She works with individuals and groups to address chronic stress and resolve current and historical trauma.

Click here for more information on TRE: Tension & Trauma Release Exercise [pdf format]

Dr. Stephen Larsen will discuss cases where Neurofeedback, and the emerging technology of a hands-on technique called Havening, have helped people suffering from serious cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our bi-monthly Open House at Stone Mountain Center offers an opportunity for prospective clients, the families of those already in treatment, or other health care professionals, to meet Dr. Stephen Larsen visit our Center and learn more about our biofeedback, neurofeedback and counseling services. Following each Open House theme presentation, there is time for question & answer and light refreshments are served. 

This event is free.

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