Book- The Fashioning of Angels

The Fashioning of Angels
Partnership As Spiritual Practice

by Robin & Stephen Larsen

The Fashioning of Angels

Steeped in their lifelong study of myth, symbol, art, and psychology, Robin and Stephen Larsen, authors of Fire in the Mind, the biography of their friend Joseph Campbell, explore man-woman relationships in the quest for the answers to the timeless question, “What do couples really want?”

Storytelling artists, the Larsens ignite the imagination with myths that span human history and with relationship stories from depth psychology. Their thoughtful experiential exercises help us heal the wounds of the gender wars.

Readers “eavesdrop” on Stephen-Robin dialogues that deal with issues in their 35-year marriage. “Metaphysical pajama parties,” interviews conducted by the Larsens with other couples, take us deep into man-woman psychology, creativity, and spirituality.

“The fashioning of angels” is a metaphor derived from Emanuel Swedenborg, who wrote that lovers in heaven are perceived as one luminous being, a single angel with two aspects. Swedenborg’s “angel” is nothing less than a developmental psychology of spiritual relationship.

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Ralph Metzner,
author of The Unfolding Self:

“The Larsens offer unusually fascinating perspectives on the spiritual dimensions of partnership. This is a book that can be savored for its rich fare of cross-cultural myths and symbols.”