Books with Introductions by Stephen Larsen:

In 2002 Stephen Larsen was invited by three talented authors to write introductions or forewords to their books. We not only recommend these books highly, we suggest you read others by these distinguished authors and artists. If you click on the book itself, it will take you directly to Amazon to buy the books or learn more about them.

Once & Future Myths

by Phil Cousineau

The groundbreaking book by Campbell Scholar and Student Phil Cousineau is a must read for people who are interested in mythic narratives and their roles in our lives.

Cousineau also wrote The Hero’s Journey directed the film by the same title. He is well known for giving a “living and creative” quality to his mythic investigations.


The Practice of Dream Healing

by Edward Tick

Dr. Edward Tick is best known for his work as a psychotherapist and healer of veterans of many wars. He is also a scholar of Greek culture who leads scholarly tours to the ancient holy places for dream incubation. This is what you will find in this compelling study of how an ancient healing tradition has usefulness for our lives now.


by Alex Grey

Alex Grey is a Visionary Artist whose work has inspired millions to look into the inward things of human existence. His work speaks for itself in terms of a breathtaking vision of what in the shamanic worldview is called x-ray vision. Seeing inside things.

Alex’s work and that of his wife Allyson, as well as their community of collaborators can be seen in New York at the COSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors).



Attacked by Poison Ivy

by Ann Ulanov

Ann Ulanov is a respected Jungian Analyst and colleague. Her revealing experience of a horrific allergic reaction to the plant Poison Ivy is an interesting read for anyone interested in the symbolic dimensions of the psyche, and our relationship to the myriad denizens of the plant kingdom.

In this ever-deepening investigation into psyche and soma, Dr. Belford-Ulanov, one of the Most noted Analysts of our time

Ilia Beliaev

by Tausha

Tausha by Ilia Beliaev + Stephen Larsen (May 1, 2000)