Alcoholism may be so rampant in our society because the society has its built-in stresses, and alcohol is everywhere available. People readily self-medicate, and lifestyles, from the moderate to the profligate, may be built around the ingestion of alcohol. It has been observed, that in those societies where drinking is woven into the process of eating (say France, where wine is drunk with meals), the alcoholism seems less serious and destructive than the one’s in which drinking by itself is frequently engaged in, (without food available) say Ireland. (In many places bars have been mandated to offer food with drink because of the nature of the problem.)

Some races are less genetically equipped to handle alcohol, it seems, than others, as is witnessed by the devastating effects of alcohol on Native Americans and Aboriginals. Alcohol may be extremely devastating in the lives of families because it exerts an impact on everyone with whom the sufferer of alcoholism comes in contact.

Our office has seen Alcoholics Anonymous save people time and again from destructive life-consuming spirals. When people are stabilized and sober, the LENS and such stress reduction techniques as HeartMath, DVR and Open Focus are employed, sufferers are able to avoid “white-knuckle” sobriety, in which intoxication seems the only joyful thing in life. The LENS has also helped people with Anhedonia–the inability to derive satisfaction from the ordinary things of life.

The after-effects of years of alcoholism can be coped with by a combination of the LENS and other treatment modalities. Nutritional approaches also might be employed to help the after-effects of a-vitaminosis and liver stress.