The word Agora, from the Greek, means “marketplace,” so agoraphobics avoid public places, schools, trains, theater, etc.  Usually accompanied by anxiety that becomes overwhelming at the idea of straying far from the home environment.  Agoraphobics may hide socially, and seldom go out.

Once again we don’t treat symptoms in isolation, but using the LENS to calm and soothe anxiety, seems to reduce aogoraphobia in a generic way.  We have seen people get more courageous, and venture farther, until the social reinforcement system also exerts its influence, and people find themselves increasingly able to tolerate the presence and society of others.

mburk2map.jpg Lens dominant frequency graphs in an agoraphobic woman of 25, also with PTSD.  The first graph on the left, at the beginning of treatment shows a high frequency spot correlating with hypervigilance and very high anxiety.  In the LENS graph on the right, after about six months of treatment. the high frequency “hot spot” at T6 is gone.  Clinically, she was much better (her mother was astounded that after only a month or two of treatment she wanted to go to the mall (a favorite locale before her trauma).  Later on she was able to go back to college and resume dating and a social life.