Attention Deficit Disorder


Are disorders that are endemic in our time. Both the young sufferers and families should not be made to feel guilty or depressed about the problem, but it is probably better to recognize that attentional problems actually exist, than to ignore them. Social scientists and physicians still are undecided as to where ADD comes from. Is it bad diet? Food dyes and additives? Electromagnetic Fields? Too much TV? Heavy metal or pesticide toxicity? Heredity? Unfortunately the Jury is still out on these questions that loom so large if your child or other loved one, family member or friend has the problem.

At Stone Mountain we have advanced tools to help your child or loved one. These include brain mapping, extensive clinical interview and questionnaires. Our supervising physician looks over each case for issues related to physical health, nutritional deficiencies, or toxic issues and makes recommendation or referrals. We have a consulting neuropsychologist who can do complete batteries of psychological testing that are individualized to your child’s possible problems.

But more important than all this skillful detective work at finding the origins of the problem, is that fact that in our LENS and combined treatments, we have a drug-free, and gentle, non-invasive approach for attentional problems no matter the cause. We refer you to The Healing Power of Neurofeedback, and the “100 person study” and the follow-up which focussed on children’s responses to treatment and compared them with youth and with adults. (Generally the younger the child, the less complicated the nervous system, and the quicker the response.

Brainmap of ADD with Anxiety in a 13 year old

Brainmap of a 13 year old with attentional and anxiety problems.  You can click on the map if you would like to see it in more detail.

ADD with Hyperactivity or ADHD:

(See Separate heading for Hyperactivity).