Austistic Spectrum Disorders:

Autistic spectrum are some of the most challenging problems we work with. We have never offered to be able to “cure” any problem found on the autistic spectrum. What neurofeedback, and particularly the LENS has to offer people who have received an autistic spectrum diagnosis, is increased flexibility, grace, and a greater freedom from ritualistic or compulsive behaviors. It has also helped with sleep, mood stability and anxiety.


In a number of cases we have seen the LENS stimulate more social awareness and interactiveness, and even small children, who were previously “wooden” or emotionally unavailable become more related, even affectionate. Interactivity and flexibility of play may increase during treatment (sandplay, or “draw a person” being a good indicator).

Asperger’s Syndrome:

We have been privileged to work with many Asperger’s syndrome children, and have found it to be an exciting and rewarding experience. Once again, we do not offer “cure” of the condition, but a facilitation that makes life easier for these often highly intelligent and creative children (or adults). We have seen Asperger’s children become more sociable and less isolated. Behaviors such as obsessionwith an intellectual area, such as “water clocks of the world” or “pirates of the Carribean” became integrated into the personality in a more charming way–that others found less annoying.

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