Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Pervasive Developmental Disorder:

Is a catch-all term for growing infants’ and young children’s failure to achieve developmental milestones. There can be many reasons (perinatal problems, toxicity from pesticides or vaccines, trauma to the mother or infant, etc.) Whatever the cause, our objective is to get to treatment as quickly as possible. This may include the LENS, or other play, stimulation, or other biofeedback modalities. Our experience so far is that the mind/body system of the child remembers the correct developmental sequences to bring him or her to a new stage.Sandplay 1 Disorganized

At Stone Mountain we have worked with a spectrum of cases, from “locked-in” disorders, to paralysis and musculo-skeletal problems, to mild to severe learning disabilities. We are already aware of the high success rate of techniques such as Doman-Delcato and Tomatis. These methods are justifiably well-known for their ability to identify and go past CNS retardation of many kinds. The advantage of the LENS is its relatively rapid effect, and the fact that it does not require extensive cognitive, auditory, visual, or kinesthetic reprogrammings to work. In a sense it works underneath all of these neurologically, and can and has in fact empowered most other neuro- developmental methods. One could expect an acceleration of improvement in neuro-muscular reprogramming or auditory or visual training exercises after 5-10 LENS sessions.

Brain Organizing Itself

Without in any way wishing to underestimate the seriousness of developmental delays, we have observed that the LENS in its own gentle way, helps them recover their original direction.