(See also seizure disorders drop-down.)

Epilepsy is generally interpreted as grand mal type of falling down and convulsing type of seizures, but there are many other types: absence or petit mal, which may only be signalled by a momentary vacancy in the eyes, a head turn, or period of “lost time”. Temporal lobe epilepsy may be indistinguishable from psychosis, with hallucinations and delusions (requiring extremely careful diagnostic work to parse out the real problem.) Epilepsy may also be accompanied by a terrible period of disorientation, fuge or outright psychosis, called post ictal psychosis (see the case of Michael in The Healing Power of Neurofeedback). This case was dramatic, because the epilepsy had gone on for twenty-five years (due to a terrible head-injury) before we had a chance to work with it. The patient himself attributes his cure to the neurofeedback, whereas we never offer to “cure” any condition, only to increase flexibility of the brain. The fact remains however, that when the patient came to see us, and his epilepsy had not been controlled by a dozen or so trials of medication, and a partial temporal lobectomy, at the time he finished treatment with us, he was off all medications but one, and free of seizures.