Fibromyalgia, which is characterized by fatigue, depression, cognitive decline (“fibro-fog”) and musculo skeletal pain which is fairly constant (as well as 16 classsic “tender points” around the body, is one of the earliest areas in which the LENS showed its efficacy.  In The Healing Power of Neurofeedback, the story is told of Dr. Mary Lee Esty who relieved a woman who was a 30 year fibromyalgia sufferer of most of her symptoms in less than a year of treatment.  The “miracle cure” got the attention of the Benjamin Rush Center which had been treating the woman for almost the full time, without appreciable improvements.

See also the published paper by Stuart Donaldson et al., a Candadian therapist who has integrated the LENS into his fibromyalgia protocols along with other modalities such as EMG (which Dr. Esty also recommends).

Whatever, the cause, and among the “likely suspects” are severe or repeated traumas, including TBI, or alternately psychological, or emotional abuse or neglect, Lyme or Epstein-Barr type infections.  Various kind of unremedied infections, poisonings or toxic exposures, and/or a combination of the above.

In our experience at Stone Mountain we have been both succesful and unsuccesful at treating Fibromyalgia, and we believe that it can be one of the most difficult kinds of disorder to treat, often belonging in the chronic category.  Fibromyalgics can be exquisitely sensitive, and treatments too strong for them.  Our best results have been with the lightest, and most delicate touch.