Couples/Partnership Issues:

sr99-3x.jpgStephen and Robin Larsen base their couples work on learnings from their own 43 year marriage, and many, many couples counseled. The Myers-Briggs inventory, and even the Ochs CNS Questionnaire, and Sensitivity/Reactivity questionnaire are used to help couples analyze their reactive styles.

Live HeartMath sessions use Heart Rate variability to help people synchronize hearts as well as heads.

Their book The Fashioning of Angels: Partnership as Spiritual Practice is a unique introduction to the depth of male/female psychology, and the archetypology of the masculine and feminine principles. These time-honored principles are brought into relationship with very real and contemporary problems in “getting along” for men and women.

Stephen does the majority of clinical couples counseling, while Robin joins him in doing couples workshops and weekends, and co-leads dream and personal mythology workshops, with him. The Larsens have co-authored three books, and led hundreds of workshops together. Their perspective is that man/woman relationship can be a profound workshop for the soul–and even a spiritual path in its own right.