Roger Woolger Memorial Library

August 28th, 2015

CSS and Stone Mountain Counseling Center would like to  announce that we are in the planning stages of founding a Roger Woolger Memorial Library here on the Stone Mountain Farm.

Dr. Woolger was a leading theorist and practitioner of past life therapy, a true pioneer. He was a close friend of Stephen and Robin Larsen.

His awesome intellect synthesizes ideas from many sources, including conventional psychology, Buddhist and yogic thought, and his own many years of clinical experience as a past life therapist. He was known in therapy circles for his ability to access the deepest past life causes of his clients’ most recalcitrant emotional and physical problems.

Dr. Woolger’s first book, Other Lives, Other Selves, is possibly the best and most comprehensive introductions to the psychological depths of past life regression.

In honor of him, we would like to share his article  on the Red Book of C.G. Jung

C.G Jung, Mystic or Psychologist? Reflections on the Red Book



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