The NeuroGen- HPN® of Corey Snook

About 10 years ago, New England engineer Corey Snook, with a daughter who suffered from a seizure disorder, attended LENS training workshops, both at an ISNR conference,which I co-taught with Len Ochs, and at the Stone Mountain Counseling Center.  His demonstrable engineering skills, led subsequently to his being hired by OchsLabs, Inc. .

Unfortunately, a couple of years later, Corey felt he had discovered engineering anomalies in Len Ochs’s system as it was being offered at the time, and suggested to Ochs that the system needed to be re-designed. Ochs subsequently fired Snook; but Corey was still determined to help his daughter.  He went on to develop his own neurofeedback device, called the NeuroGen HPN :High Performance Neurofeedback System®. Later, an Ex-NFL football player named Fred Willis, determined to help his (undeniably) head-injured ball-playing colleagues, began buying systems from Corey and began selling systems to clinicians under the HPN Neurologic brand.  HPN Neurologic is sold and marketed separately for this specially targeted population of damaged athletes.  Corey Snook’s HPN®, on the other hand, is directed toward a broader population of patients served by professionally trained Neurofeedback clinicians, and used for a variety of CNS problems.

Having known Corey Snook for a decade,  trusting his integrity, and experiencing first hand the benefits, Dr. Larsen and his staff were trained in NeuroGen in the fall of 2013. After purchasing the equipment, which is based on an FDA approved J&J EEG amplifier; (always our preferred instrumentation, because of its stability and reliability) we have developed 16 months of clinical record on 100 patients, and about 1000 treatment hours, which shows, unequivocally, that the system indeed works-—and for a variety of disorders such as TBI, neurological Lyme, Seizure Disorders, ADD, Anxiety. and Depression.  At our center NeuroGen is used  and in combination with Hemoencephalography (HEG), HRV training, Interactive Metronome, NeuroField, the LENS, Photonic Stimulation, and Z-score training.

While we continue to use both the LENS and the Neuro-Gen at Stone Mountain, we have come to feel that there are advantages to each.  Informal and subjective evaluations suggest that while the LENS is known for its immediate efficacy, the Neuro-Gen reaches deeper into the physiological parameters of the body (immune, digestive and circulatory systems), and the Neuro-Gen may be less likely to “rebound” in overstimuation, especially in the hands of inexperienced practitioners, and the effects may last longer after treatments. Some of our clients, who have tried both modalities, stay loyal to the LENS, others prefer Neuro-Gen. In some cases we have switched back and forth, so the brain and CNS do not become “habituated” with good clinical results, according to client reports.