Transpersonal Psychotherapy:

alc_initmtp.jpgDr. Stephen Larsen was trained in Jungian Dream Analysis by Dr. Edward Whitmont of the C.G. Jung Foundation. After personal analysis, he trained in supervision in depth psychology, which was built into his doctoral program, and after earning his Ph.D and setting up a private practice he continued to supervise with Dr. Whitmont

He also worked with Dr. Stanislav Grof in a program which introduced mental health professionals to psychedelic therapy in an institutional setting (Maryland Psychiatric Research Center.

Equally important to any of these trainings was his work in myth and symbol with Professor Joseph Campbell. Though Campbell was not a psychotherapist, his vast knowledge of mythology gave him a familiarity with symbol and interpretation that was unprecedented. He was an encyclopedic interpreter of archetypal images.

Dr. Larsen’s research and mythological classification of over three thousand dreams presented in the clinical setting is published in his book The Mythic Imagination. In this book, published in the 1990’s he summarized his work over twenty years of psychotherapeutic practice.  In it, the classical mythological predicaments of the hero journey are recapitulated:  The underworld journey, the struggle with the monster, and the rescue of the princess (who represents the soul) in people’s dreams and therapeutic stories. Thematic elements include the encounter with the Shadow, their own Spirit Guide, and the Helping Animal.

Dr. Larsen’s most recent work is on the principles of Self-Actualization and Individuation as facilitated by the LENS neurofeedback process.  See Also Optimal Performance page